How To Care For a Real Ale (Bottle Conditioned Beer)

Avoid a cloudy glass of beer


In order to avoid a cloudy glass of beer (Ales Only) the below is a helpful guide:

  • Always transport and store your bottles upright.


  • Store bottles in a cool place, around 12c would be ideal but in a home your coolest cupboard out of direct sunlight would suffice.


  • Pour your beer smoothly into one glass in one motion avoiding ‘glugging’ as the yeast may be disturbed. Stop pouring before any sediment comes out, pouring under a good light really helps with this. Your aiming to leave about 1cm of beer in the bottle if the sediment is loose, less if its compacted which the fridge can aim with.


  • If the bottles have been disturbed allow the sediment to settle back down before serving. This could take several days.


However, at the end of the day don’t fear the yeast, it’s very nutritious and has other very positive effects on the body. You only have to google “brewer’s yeast health benefits” and you will be inundated with information.

The Best Serving Temperature


Not a straight forward answer… the real ale flavours are probably best sensed at 12c. If a bottled conditioned “Real Ale” is consumed at fridge temperature at around 4c most of the flavours will not be sensed. However, some people enjoy a super cold 4c beer over the above and happily make the trade-off.

Placing the beer from cupboard to fridge 30-60mins (Depending on your fridge performance) before consumption to achieve a 12c temperature is one way to go, however refrigerating for a few days can help compact the yeast to aid in pouring. So, an alternative is to refrigerating for a few days then remove from the fridge and let the temp rise to 12c before consumption.

Or if you’re a super colder, fridge, drink, done.