NEW Golden Ale 500ml 12 Bottle Pack 4.3% ABV


NEW Golden Ale

12 x 500ml 4.3% ABV.

Lower ABV, lower carbonation, lighter colour, double the hops and a new yeast that aids pouring. We’d love any feedback vs the original.

A style of pale ale, well-hopped and quenching beer. Juicy malt and biscuity character underscored by a fruity citrusy aroma with hints of mango.

Brewed, bottled and labelled by hand.

Every bottle taking 1 month to make.

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All of our beers are genuine Craft Beers handmade in the traditional way and bottle conditioned (naturally carbonated by beer yeast in the bottle). In the case of our delicious cloudy Wheat Beer the small amount of yeast sediment in each bottle should be gently swirled up in the last cm of remaining beer in the bottle (do not pour all the beer out! Save 1 cm for swirling!) and added to the rest of the pint. In the case of our delicious Ales carefully pour the beer so the yeast sediment stays in the bottle (nutritious to consume but the flavour profile would deviate from optimal for Ale’s, whereas for Wheat Beers adding the yeast actually delivers the optimal flavour profile.)